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Pets in the Area Who Need a New Home

The SPCA of Brevard wants every pet to have safe and loving home. This page serves as an outlet for owners to try to find that loving home without having to turn them into a shelter. The animals listed here are not SPCA pets and we have not verified any information given to us. Please contact the owners directly with any questions. We hope all the pets listed find their forever homes. ( Area Pet Disclaimer )
Note to anyone posting a loved pet on this page – the SPCA has recently experienced incidents where “adopters” took home animals from our shelter with the express intent to sell these animals on Craigslist or other online sites. Most animal lovers would never engage in such a cruel action, however, some people may misrepresent themselves in an attempt to obtain a desirable animal that they could then sell for a profit. This notice is posted to make pet owners aware of the potential for this type of behavior and to assist them in making the best choice for the future of their beloved pet.



Oscar is a 4 year old neutered, declawed Siamese/medium hair mix cat. He is skittish of loud noises and large groups of people. He would do best in a home with 1 or 2 adults. He gets along well with one of my other cats. I say he would do well in a home as the only pet or if there was one other cat. He loves to snuggle and is friendly. Since he is declawed he will need to be indoors only. Please call Kim at 321-698-0707, or email for more information.  (5/18)





Diamond is about 4-5 years and I took her in during an ice storm about 3 years ago. She was about to give birth. She has since been spayed and has all her shots. She’s loving and house trained I just can’t keep her in the condo I have rented, she has no room to run and let out energy. She is very loving, though. I have a kennel and food and snacks that will go with her. Please feel free to call/text me (321) 890-9981 or you can email me at    (5/18)



Isla & Lulu


Isla (the Siamese mix) is approx 3 years old. She has seizures and has had many tests done with no cause determined. She takes phenobarbital every 12 hours. She is a very loving, sweet kitty. She is very, best good with children and other pets. She is spayed.

Lulu is a approx 5 years old. She is the best lap cat. She wants to be petted all day. She is anxious at first, until she gets to know someone...and then she wants to snuggle! Her and Isla are best friends. She is also spayed.

It breaks our hearts to rehome them, but have no choice left due to severe allergies.   If interested, please contact:  Natalie (posted 5/18) 



Six years ago Emmie was found as a kitten in the streets she had been abused and was sick and starving. Good samaritans rescued Emmie and brought her to the vet where she was nursed back to health. Naturally Bc if her experience Emmie was fearful and distrusting of humans Then In walked Eileen!  As soon as Eileen saw little timid Emmie she knew she had to give her a chance. Eileen’s calm, patient and loving nature was exactly what Emmie needed. After 6 months of constant reassurance Emmie started to trust again!!! Becoming Eileen’s side kick, Emmie wouldn’t even allow the other cats near her precious mom!! 

Unfortunately Emmie’s mom passed away this December, leaving poor Emmie back at square one. She has been through so much and needs someone who will be her one and only like Eileen was. She will do best in a calm, patient, loving home where she can be the queen of the castle. (no other pets or small children is best).  Not a lap cat, Emmie loves sitting in the window and watching the world go by.

Emmie is 6 years old, spayed, utd on vaccines and is FIV and Feline Leukemia negative.  Medical papers included. She is currently living in Rockledge, Florida and ready to go home with you. :)   If interested, please contact:  Kristine Flannery @ 516-698-0436 or (posted 4/18) 



Snow is a female  domestic cat 7 years old and weighs 12 pounds.  She has been well taken care of.  She is very loving but like most cats a little shy at first.  She does great with other cats and children.   I am having big problems with my allergies to cats.  Email Valinda at or call 321-745-0938 anytime for more information. (posted 4/18)







Midnight is about 9 years old. She is a Siberian Husky Mix and I adopted her a year ago. She is an amazing dog, but sadly my newborn baby is allergic and I have no other option than to rehome her. She is completely potty trained, and has never had an accident in the house (except for twice during the hurricane when she was scared). She does not chew on, or tear up anything in the house. She is literally the perfect dog. She does not get on beds or furniture either. The only thing I could say about her is that she can be shy towards people. She is not aggressive, she barely ever barks unless she is in the back yard talking to the next door neighbors dog through the fence. She has never had any problems with any person or child I have ever brought her around. She just may come off shy at first. Please contact Ashley Miller (321) 258-6010 or if interested. (posted 4/18)




Looking for a home for our 7 1/2 year old dog, Hades. He's neutered and up to date on vaccinations. Hades has separation anxiety, he's very possessive of food and toys, housebroken, breaks out of cages, walks on leash, loves squeaky chew toys and anything else he can chew up. Loves car rides, walks, and playing in the water. He gets along with some other dogs, but NO cats. Please contact April at if interested. (posted 3/18)







In search of a loving home for our 8 year old Lab/German Shepard mix, Tank. Tank has been a spunky, loyal friend to us for 8 years and we love him very much. Due to certain circumstances, we know that it is best for him to have a more calm/stable environment with less stimuli and more space. He does have anxiety and fear aggression at times which will require a home with no kiddos. He needs a home and friend that is willing to work with him. He loves other dogs and has never been aggressive towards them. Please contact Nicole at if interested. (posted 3/18)





Shinobi is all black. He will give kisses for petting, likes to lay in the middle of the bed, & will sometimes jump in your lap. He also likes to make sure you don't get lonely in the bathroom. He loves to eat catnip and then roll in it. He likes to play with jungle balls & will carry it in his mouth from room to room. Please call Christine at 321-394-1874 or email if interested. (posted 3/18)



Elsa & Luke


I’m looking for a home for two large dogs. One female named Elsa and one male named Luke. They are 3 years old they love to cuddle with each other and people. They also love kids and get along with other dogs. I’ve never seen them around cats so I don’t know how they would react. They sit, stay, and shake on command and come to a whistle or their names being called. They must be adopted together. If interested in them please contact Brittney at 321-458-0817 email: (posted 2/18)

Area Pet Disclaimer: Pets shown on this page are not in the SPCA adoption program. We are providing their information in an effort to help place them in new homes. Please note that the information here was provided to the SPCA of Brevard by each pet’s owner(s). No one from the SPCA of Brevard has met or evaluated any of these pets, nor have we confirmed the accuracy of the information we were provided. As with all prospective pets, you should take reasonable steps to evaluate the suitability of a particular pet for your home and family. The SPCA of Brevard hereby disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied (including without limitation any implied warranty of fitness, fitness for a particular purpose and/or merchantability) concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability of the information concerning any pet or the suitability for any particular circumstance of any pet listed here for rehoming.

If you would like to post your pet on our Community Pets page please send an email to with a picture in jpg format (no larger than 1MB), a short description including pet's name, and your contact information. All pets must be spayed or neutered before they can be posted. Your post will remain on the site for 30 days. If you do place your pet please contact to remove your post.