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In Memory of Those Who Have Left
Their Pawprints on Our Hearts

Angel - Deborah George (7/18)

Biscuit, beloved cat of Joseph L. Richardson (8/19)

Cally - Daniel Mason and Denise Wilson (11/19)

Charlie - Eugene Heagney (6/19)

Chopper - Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gallant (3/18)

Cosmo Kitty - Linda del Gallego (7/18)

Ebony and Taz - Richard and Sally Krause (7/18)

Emma, beloved shih tzu of John and Cindy Holmes

Falcon - Therese Masseo (7/18)

Gidget, Java Joe, Faith and Tuffy- Tammy Brodhead ♥

Jack - George and Charlotte Minto (8/19)

Justus and Moose - Omar and Donna Shearer (7/18)

Lacey, Marco, Pogo and Prancer - Joann and Chip Harris (3/19)

Lexi and Lucky - Robert and Donna Jay (7/18)

Lulu - Michael Corker (7/18)

Maggie - Jan and Kathy Spagnoli (7/18)

Mickey and Ziggy - Jack and Dee Hodnett (7/18)

Mimi Hunt - Jim and Diane Hunt (8/19)

Pinky and Sasha, my loving cats - Carey and Kathy Zarm (7/18)

Rico, beloved cat for 20 years and blessed to have had that time - Franklin Mesa (3/18)

Roz, a very special cat - John and LeAnn Richardson (10/19)

Sailor and Phyllis Sparks - Connie Sparks (3/18)

Sassy - E.J. (Skip) Jackson (3/18)

Sienna, beloved dachshund of Mike and Dawn Hurley (3/18)

The Girlies - Deb Alexander (7/18)

Titan - Linda Mannier (8/19)

Our cat Topaz – Lawrence and Donna Baker ♥

♥ Monthly Donation

In Honor of Those Who Give Their
Unconditional Love Every Day

Casper, Firefox, Mama Cat, Savannah and Tigger - Stacey Marcello (7/18)

Jr and Max - Gerry Fitch (7/18)

Moco - Mary Cavadeas (7/18)

Munchkin - James Pearson and Diana Stusse ♥

My Friends with Love - James Cullen (7/18)

Ziggy - Richard Bonas (7/18)

Make a donation in memory of, or in honor of, the special pets in your life.

For a lasting tribute, you can purchase a plaque for the
wall at the SPCA Adoption Center.
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