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 As a volunteer, you are an essential part of the shelter team. Volunteers have contributed more than 24,000 hours annually and help in a variety of ways. Whether working directly with the animals or helping with laundry, cleaning, scooping or crafting, the contributions that are made are deeply appreciated and important to the SPCA and the animals in our care.

Young volunteers ages 10 through 15 must volunteer with an adult at all times.
Minimum age for volunteers is 10-years-old.

SPCA Volunteer Opportunities


  • Help with our shelter dogs (exercise and socialization)
  • Teach dogs basic commands
  • Help adopters pick out a suitable pet for their lifestyle
  • Oversee meeting with potential adopters & dogs
  • Provide adoption counseling


  • Mentor new Bark Buddies
  • Work one-on-one with dogs to provide training beyond basic manners
  • Home visits with adopters that need help with their adopted pet


  • Play with our adoptable cats and kittens
  • Work with adoptable cats for socialization purposes
  • Oversee meetings between potential adopters and the cat of their choice
  • Provide adoption counseling
  • Point out specific cats to adopters


  • Work from home to help make enrichment materials for shelter dogs/cats

Intake Help

  • Holding Dogs/Cats for Exams
  • Giving Vaccines
  • Reading Heartworm & FeLV/FIP Tests
  • Doing and Reading Skin Scrapes
  • Doing and Reading Fecals under the microscope


  • Take photos of our shelter pets who will be featured on our website & social media

FOSTER PARENT [More information]

  • All Foster Parents’ personal animals must be spayed/neutered and up-to-date on all vaccinations.
  • Foster Parents must be willing to transport foster pets to the shelter for any medical treatment.
  • Foster application


  • Volunteers needed for many areas: displaying merchandise, clothing coordinator, Furniture placement, merchandise sorting, telephone operations and appointment setting, electronic testing, furniture pick-up and delivery, and much more. There is an area for everyone.

For more information on all volunteer opportunities contact:

Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Application


Fostering is a wonderful and personal way to contribute to saving homeless pets. More information

Steps to Becoming a Volunteer

  1 - Fill out and submit an online application

  2 - Attend Volunteer Introduction

  3 - Select and sign up for your primary training track at Volunteer Introduction

  4 - Receive a training schedule email

  5 - Attend Training #1

  6 - Bark Buddies (only) participate in an interactive training session.

  7 - Bark Buddies and Kitty Cuddlers (only) attend Training #2 — Wrap Up/Adoption Counseling

Volunteer Newsletter
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